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Signature Services

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  • Ronda

    I am a return custumer and there is a reason for this. I have had makeup as well as waxing done by Ira several times and have been very happy with the resulta. Ira is friendly person and has a professional manner which blends in well with her surroundings. Her salon is a tasteful and well equipped. I am pleased to recommend her.

  • Anna Kloska

    Today I had unforgettable experience as a custumer of beauty salon Pyrog Visage. The result of 10 steps facial is just fantastic. Thank you a lot!

    Anna Kloska
  • Jennifer Brown

    I had such a lovely pumper! Highly recommend!

    Jennifer Brown
  • Anastasia

    Beautiful place with professional and gentle staff


About us

Pyrog Visage is a new, Golden Age, rejuvenation, makeup and beauty salon in Carina, Brisbane Australia

This is a boutique type salon, which work by appointment only. New clients by referral only.

We specialize in:

Non-surgical facelift

Advanced facials

Luxury makeup and hairstyle

Luxury nails, manicure, pedicure, extensions.


We do believe in a holistic approach when it comes to our facial treatments. Our face, our “visage”, is a representation of our life, our inner state, our stresses, problems and desires.

Holistic approach means, that we approach humans body as one, whole unit. And when we want to treat facial problems, we should understand and take into account the body as a whole.

You probably have heard, that our face is a “map” of our internal organs? And when we experience some disorders in our internal organs and/or systems, it may be expressed on our face. For example, in case of acne it may be a hormonal disorder or excretory system disorder.

Please note, we are not a doctor’s surgery. We are an advanced beauty salon, which uses modern skin care products and new generation devices, which we use to detox the body and to launch the body’s own healing capacity, regeneration, detoxification and  rejuvenation. All our treatments are very powerful, non-invasive, have multiple advantages and very little contraindications.

Please, go to our SIGNATURE TREATMENTS page to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of our treatments. Add us on social media – @pyrogvisage.

And remember: beauty and rejuvenation is a program, which we can choose here and now.




103 Lunga street, Carina
Brisbane, Australia