How to choose a blush?

Even for the most avid lovers of cosmetics & make up, blush choices can be a real challenge. I personally know women who do not use blush at all, afraid that they will look funny or clown-like, just because they do not know how to choose the correct blush.

The name itself, blush, tends to conjure up a bright hue to your cheeks. But in actually fact it should look natural as if due to frost or shyness. The problem is that sometimes we tend to pick colours we like, and not necessarily colours that will suit us. You might like bright pink & decide to use it but it may be too bright for you or make your skin look unhealthy.

How to pick a shade. To start with, & this is a key point, determine your skin tone. If we keep it simple, there are three main skin tones:- light, medium and dark. And no matter what your skin tone, it is advisable to have two shades of blush — pink and peach. This will allow you to create a variety of images and harmonise with your general make up.

Light skin tone. Owners of light skin tone should always remember a basic rule when selecting a blush. The lighter the better but, do not overdo it with the amount that you apply. After you have applied some blush onto a blush brush, feather it to get rid of any excess, and then apply it lightly only to the apples of the cheeks.

Medium skin tone. The medium skin tone, is generally the most common among women. Feel free to choose any moderate bright shades. You should not be afraid of colour but do not choose a blush that is too bright. Too bright a shade may guarantee a clown effect.

Dark skin tone. If you have dark skin you can choose colours from intense pink to deep orange. Do not hesitate to emphasise the natural brightness & depth of shade of your skin. But do not forget to apply blush with only a light touch of the brush.

Blush bronzer. Bronzer powder (loose or compact) has many different shades of brown with the presence of shimmering particles. When choosing a bronzer, again, use the above skin tone rules. Bronzer is perfect for Summer, since the shimmering particles will play in the sun, giving the skin a tanned healthy look. Again, the main point is to use in moderation, so as not to give the impression of artificial tanning.

I hope that this information was helpful to you, and that now you feel confident enough to choose a blush. Good luck to you!