1 week diet for ideal figure

Ok ladies and gentlemen.

The end of festive season can only mean one thing — it’s time to get rid of all extra kilos and toxins.

Let’s go on a diet together?

Astrological prognosis — next week is the best week in the year for diet, cleanse the body, detoxify.

!!!!If you have any medical conditions, or if you are not sure about this diet, please, consult your gp firts!!!!

We propose to go on 1 week diet together. We can support each other, send supporting messages and share results and experiences.

7 days diet for perfect body

1 day

Drinking day. Drink anything you want, including broth.

2 day

Vegetable. Eat any salads, as much as you wish. Include cabbage, it’s very good fat burning product.

3 day

Drinking day

4 day

Fruit day. Eat any fruit, preferably grapefruit (fat burning)

5 day

Protein. Eat eggs, chicken fillets, yogurt

6 day


7 day

End of the diet.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, tea

Snack: fruit

Lunch: salad

Snack: fruit

Dinner: salad

To achieve better results you can come for a lymphatic drainage full body massage, or vacuum anticellulite massage and seaweed wrap.

Save this post to remember the menu for the week.

Let’s do it!

Stay happy and healthy!