How to get in a feel good state and to raise your vibration?

Hi my beautiful people. Remember those days when you don’t feel the best? You might be experiencing some difficulties at work, in personal life or simply having an argument with loved ones. In those moments we feel down, upset and there’s nothing we are willing to do. We just simply don’t have a desire to view the situation from the different angle. We are diving inside the problem and it means we are vibrating at low range. Those dense vibration of anger, guilt, envi etc. create more irritation and frustration which leads to more of those situations appearing in our life.

When such situations occur, imagine little bell ringing in your head. It means, you should wake-up and realize, that going into lower vibration of negative emotion will not help. Instead, there’s a list of things that you can do in order to raise your vibration and come into feel good state.

You can make yourself an Epsom salt bath. Add a few drops of your favorite aroma oil, read your inspiring book, or simply let your body to relax

Listen to positive affirmations

Listen to uplifting music, may be sing and dance!

Get into gratitude state. Gratitude has very high positive vibration.

Express yourself in your highest passion. What ever it might be for you.

Practice random acts of kindness. Even an honest smile to a stranger can be very satisfying.

You can get some high vibrational crystals and put it in your house.

Hopefully you will remember to wake up and use some of these easy things to raise your vibration and get into feel good state.